About me 


my Name is El Houssaeine Baikene. I start Horseriding in my Village Ouarzazate i was 4 years old. All the time i am very interested about Horses. After my school and my first small jobs i find the place Essaouria a paradise for Horses. It was far away from my village but i want to take the chance to come to essaouria and start there my work together with the horses. First i was helping in a stable of a friend and than i start to buy my first Horse. It was the best feeling to have my first own horse. Later i buy 4 more horses.

In the Year of Corona it was not easy..no Tourist no money..but i dont give up. In this time i learn much about horses because i don't stop larning about their feelings and i train my horses conscientious Every Horse is different and in Morocco we riding many Stallions. 2 years ago i get the chance to come with my Horses to the Hotel Baberrih Essaouria in Moulay Bouzerktoun. It is a amazing place for my horses. The beach and the nature are amazing because my Horses are alone at this beach and they don't have stress about other Horses. The health of my horses come first. the equipment is also very important to me. Me and my Horses forever is my attidude to life. So come and enjoy the paradise….